Our Network

Our Network Infrastructure

Juniper Switches. Juniper MX Routers. You won’t find anything else on our production network. At our network border, we utilize a redundant pair of Juniper MX routers, scalable to 240Gbps of Internet connectivity each. At our network core, we have over 144 10Gbps ports, across two different Juniper switches. Our Juniper MX routers and our Juniper EX core switches feature A+B redundant power. Our top of rack, customer facing switches are connected via redundant 10Gbps links to our network core. Our network is designed to be highly available and self-healing. We utilize rapid spanning tree protocol (RTSP) and bidirectional forwarding detection (BFD) to provide sub-second failover of switched and routed traffic, in the event of a problem with one of our core switches or border routers.

IP Transit / Connectivity

We have IP transit connectivity to three different world class Tier 1 and Tier 2 networks. XO, Hurricane Electric, and Zayo. We have carefully selected these providers based on their above average performance domestically and internationally. We take full BGP routes (both IPv4 and IPv6) from each provider and provide all of our customers with an optimized, blended mix of bandwidth.

Transport Facilities and Capabilities

Complementing our Juniper powered network, multiple, physically diverse transport facilities provide our data center facility with highly available, redundant external network connectivity. We operate a redundant dark fiber ring to ensure the lowest latency and highest availability to carrier hotels within Denver.  Our dark fiber ring is capable of scaling up to 1000Gbps of connectivity.  Additionally, our transport facilities allow us to connect to IP Transit providers at two separate physical locations, ensuring that if even one of our IP Transit POPs has a major incident, we will remain online without any interruptions to our network.

Intelligent Routing Optimization

We utilize the Noction IRP intelligent routing optimization platform that continuously analyzes network traffic in real-time. If our routing optimization platform detects that one provider offers a network path with less latency, packet loss or simply better overall performance, traffic will automatically be re-routed over the best path within a matter of minutes. We are able to seamlessly and automatically route around major network problems and slowdowns.