Server Reseller Program

Handy Networks is proud to present HandyWholesale, a dedicated server reseller program that Just Makes Sense.

The Details

Our aggressive reseller program includes all the following features.

  • Up to 25% off our entire line of dedicated and highly available hosting solutions
  • Discounts start after only $1000/mo in recurring charges.
  • Double bandwidth on all servers at no cost – 20TB of data transfer included with every server (few exceptions apply)
  • 1Gbps network interface for every server, at no cost
  • Additional exclusive limited time promotions
  • Exclusive, weekly specials on existing inventory
  • Customized hardware platforms based on your special requests

The Discounts

  • Discounts are applied only to our new configurations as priced here.
  • Note that discounts only apply to new Build Your Own (BYO) configurations and excludes all other offers and specials.
  • Discounts are determined based on your total Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC). Once your MRC meets the next discount tier, all new servers will qualify for higher discount levels.

Gold ($1000/mo. minimum MRC)

  • 15% off Fully Managed Servers
  • 15% off Self Managed Servers
  • 15% off Managed R1Soft CDP Servers
  • 15% off Managed VPS Host Servers

Platinum ($5,000/mo. minimum MRC)

  • 25% off Fully Managed Servers
  • 25% off Self Managed Servers
  • 25% off Managed R1Soft CDP Servers
  • 25% off Managed VPS Host Servers

Custom Configurations

Custom configured servers are our specialty! Please contact us with your custom configurations and needs:


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