Software Licensing

Software Licensing

If you are an existing customer that has services in one of our data centers, you can take advantage of the following software licensing deals / options. We offer products from Microsoft, Odin, and cPanel that you can rent at affordable monthly rates.  We pass through these products to you at our cost, so promotional discounts never apply to software licensing.

Windows Server Licensing

Windows Standard $17/mo per processor
Windows Datacenter $109/mo per processor
Core Infrastructure Server Suite Datacenter $122/mo per processor
Windows Server is licensed on a per processor basis.
Core Infrastructure server includes SCVMM and Windows Data Center Edition.

Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server Web $19/mo
SQL Server Standard $275/mo
SQL Server Enterprise $1060/mo
SQL Server is licensed on a per core basis, with a minimum of 4 cores required per licensed instance.
Feature Matrix can be found here, but we find most of our clients can use SQL Server Web Edition.

Microsoft Remote Desktop Services

Microsoft Remote Desktop SAL $4.50/mo per user
Microsoft Office Standard $11/mo per user
Microsoft Office Professional Plus $16/mo per user
Microsoft Visio Standard $6.25/mo per user
Microsoft Visio Professional $13.50/mo per user
AppV SAL $5.00/mo per user

Odin Plesk

 Plesk Web Admin Edition $4.50/mo
 Plesk Web App Edition $5.25/mo
 Plesk Web Pro Edition $8.50/mo
 Plesk Web Web Host Edition $35.00/mo
Odin was spun off of Parallels in early 2015.  You can view the Plesk edition matrix here.


 cPanel VZZO $11/mo
 cPanel VPS $12/mo
 cPanel DED $25/mo
 CloudLinux $14/mo
VZZO licenses can only be used on OpenVZ hypervisors. VPS licenses can be used on any other kind of hypervisor.
DED licenses are for bare-metal dedicated servers.


 WHMCS Branded $15/mo
 WHMCS Unbranded $17/mo