Truly Managed Hosting — What’s Included

Truly Managed Hosting — What’s Included

Customer Portal

  • Includes detailed specs, billing, IP address information
  • Secure access to server passwords
  • Add additional sub-users for delegated access
  • Manage reverse DNS Entries
  • Additional features coming, including SOAP based API

Enterprise Class Hardware

  • All servers based on SuperMicro Systems platform
  • Adaptec or LSI RAID for protection against hard drive failure
  • RAID1 or RAID10 disk array for maximum performance

Initial Setup & Configuration

  • Operating System Installation
  • Security hardening
  • Full installation and configuration of included software suite

Daily Backup Service

  • Utilizing R1Soft CDP Backup System
  • 15 days backup retention
  • No limit on how much data is backed up — with some reasonable exceptions — we will not backup data for ‘unmanaged’ virtual machines hosted on a managed system, nor we will backup customer provided USB drives.
  • Web interface available to perform your own restores
  • Integrates with cPanel to allow direct end-user restores
  • We monitor backup status and proactively resolve any noted issues

Ongoing Upgrades

  • We will automatically install critical system upgrades
  • Linux Systems deployed with K-Splice for no reboot kernel patching.
  • At your request, we will install any incremental software upgrades for any bundled software
  • We cannot reasonably manage end-user installed applications, including open-source web applications such as WordPress, Joomla, SugarCRM, etc. These systems are open-source and modular; as such it is not possible for us to upgrade them safely without possible data loss or loss of functionality. You must maintain the security of your individual web applications.

Proactive Monitoring

  • All services monitored at 60 second intervals
  • Services include any service that can respond via a TCP port
  • We also check available disk space, mail queue lengths, CPU utilization, memory utilization.
  • Our team automatically responds to any monitored item that is down or not within norms.
  • We often detect and repair issues before customers even realize there is a problem

24×7 Technical Support

  • Our 24×7 team is here to provide support for your day-to-day technical support issues.
  • Senior staff are on call 24×7 and can be contacted directly by all customers for immediate escalation of your business critical issues.

Expert Advice

  • Our experienced team is capable of providing you with detailed analysis of your server performance, planning and executing migrations**, recommending cost-effective upgrades, etc.

SLA Backed

  • 100% Power and Network Uptime
  • 2 hour hardware replacement SLA
*Everything does not include management of non-bundled applications or coding support.
**Additional fee may apply for server migrations. Contact our sales team for pricing.