We Support a Free and Open Internet – FIGHT BACK TO PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY

Handy Networks Partners with OpenMedia to Protect Net Neutrality

Dysfuntional political factions, lobbyists with deep pockets, and regulators who are nothing more than last-mile provider industry shills are working extremely hard to rollback Net Neutrality protections in the United States.   Without these protections, bad things can and will happen to the Internet.  We must fight back.


Imagine a world where last mile Internet connectivity providers (Comcast, CenturyLink, etc) have the legal authority to slow down traffic to certain sites, unless they pay to be in the fast lane.  

The impacts are far reaching.  

Imagine a world where:

  • Disruptive startups have insurmountable hurdles to serve content to their consumers. Do you really want to go back to a world where you have to go to a Blockbuster to rent a video?
  • Online content creators will find themselves unable to operate independently.  Instead, content creators would have to partner with $bigcorporations to get their content in front of consumers on the Internet.
  • Political speech will be stifled.  Major media companies also provide Internet access, and to a large degree are aligned with one political perspective or another.  If you are buying Internet from Comcast, for instance, which is owned by NBC Universal, it would be very problematic if the only Internet news site you could reach is nbcnews.com.
If Net Neutrality is rolled back, all of these things will, to some degree, actually happen. We cannot let the Internet become a bunch of siloed networks where large corporate interests control what consumers can see.

Fight Back by going to the OpenMedia site and filling out their form to submit your feedback directly to the FCC.

And yes, Handy Networks is a small, cloud hosting and data center company.  But we are putting our money where our mouth is, as the saying goes, and providing OpenMedia financial support for their engagement efforts.

Jay Sudowski

Written by Jay Sudowski